What are rowing machines? What are the best brands?

Do you want to make your body flexible and fit? Do you want lose your weight and improve your health very soon by easy way? Do you want to decrease your stress and chances of heart attack? I’m sure you want your health. so don’t worry, you don’t need to run long distance or doing such difficult works, but only join a gym and use a rowing machine only. Rowing machine is a fitness and exercising equipment. If you use the rowing machine regularly it can help you lose your weight, fit your body, increase your strength, decrease your stress and keeps you healthy. The rowing machine is easy to use and it is for all ages and fitness level with low risk or injury compared to other machines. It helps you burn up between 300 to 500 calories per hour while more intensive workout will take you to the yield of 800 calories deficit (This data is taken from therowingmachinedoctor.com)

Rowing machine types:

Rowing machines differ from each other according their resistance:Air resistance, Water resistance, Piston resistance and Magnetic resistance. Each of them has its own benefits and prices.
Air resistant:

is for intermediate and advance level with the price range of $300 to $1300,
Water resistant: This rowers are equipped with water tank that puddles are suspended in.It give the person the real sensation of rowing across the actual water. it is for experienced athlete with the price of $700 to $4200,

Piston resistant:

This rowing machine is for budding user, this machine is easy to store and the rower has two piston on the oar that can be independently adjusting by your liking. it can be find anywhere between $200 to $600.
Magnetic Resistant :it is the most affordable and popular resistant rowing machine in the market. Magnetic rowers are extremely silent and equipped with the brake system not to allow any room for the friction. at costs any where between $225 to $1400.

What to take care before buying rowing machines:

you should pay attention the available space, the workout effectiveness and the price before buying the rowing machines.
The rowing machine top models are the followings:
Concept 2 Model D with the price between $800 to $1000
-Concept 2 Model E with the price of more than $1000
-Velocity Exercise Magnetic rower with the price between $300 to $600
-Stamina 1215 orbital with cost between $200 to $400
– Stamina Air power rowing machine:
– Sunny rowing machine with the price rang of $200 to $500.
These are the best rowing machines according the price and the most popular rowers in the market.